Venus Laowa 25mm F2.8 2.5-5X Ultra Macro

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Official Price BDT-34,141

Venus Laowa 25mm F2.8 2.5-5X Ultra Macro Specs

Lens type Prime lens
Max Format size 35mm FF
Focal length 25 mm
Image stabilization No
Lens mount Canon EF, Canon RF, L-Mount, Nikon F (FX), Nikon Z, Pentax KAF2, Sony FE
Maximum aperture F2.8
Minimum aperture F16
Aperture ring Yes
Number of diaphragm blades 8
Elements 8
Groups 6
Special elements / coatings 1 low-dispersion element
Minimum focus 0.17 m (6.69)
Maximum magnification 5×
Autofocus No
Full time manual Yes
Distance scale No
DoF scale No
Weight 400 g (0.88 lb)
Diameter 82 mm (3.23)
Length 65 mm (2.56)
Sealing No
Colour Black
Hood supplied No
Notes Lens can be extended to change min. focus distance and max. magnification. Min focus range is 23.4cm at 2.5X to 17.3cm at 5x.

Manufacturer description

The Venus Optics Laowa 25mm F2.8 2.5-5X is optimized for macro shooting between 2.5X – 5X life size. The lens is specially designed with an extended working distance (45mm at 2.5x & 40mm at 2x)and smaller lens barrel.

This allow a sufficient lighting on the object for easier shooting in the field. The lens is much more compact and lighter than other comparative products. This lens also provides a relatively greater depth of field compared to other extreme macro lens in the market.

The Laowa 25mm f/2.8 2.5-5X is developed for both professional and leisure macro photography, to be used on the field or in indoor set-up.

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