Mobile Loudspeaker definition in bangladesh?

For the testing process, we conduct measurements in a quiet room, with the handset loudspeaker positioned 1 meter away from the microphone. We perform three different tests, taking multiple consecutive measurements and averaging the values while disregarding the highest and lowest readings.

The three tests are as follows:

Ringtone: We use an old-school ringtone that resembles the sound of traditional telephones. This test provides an indication of how well most phones perform in terms of loudness.

Pink noise: We utilize a sample of pink noise, which serves as a good representation of standard music. The readings obtained here are particularly relevant for teenagers who desire a handset capable of delivering maximum volume.

Human voice (male): This test is crucial when considering speakerphone usage. In such scenarios, loudness is of utmost importance, whether in a conference room or while using the loudspeaker in a car.

By adopting this scientific approach, we aim to provide objective loudness measurements alongside subjective evaluations in our reviews, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of this vital aspect of modern handsets.

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